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Led's Make a Difference

The technology of QRPLed allow for completely different driver electronics. QRPLed has no need for DC conversion and thus eliminates the reactance from the circuitry. The resulting driver has less components, less complex circuitry and has no components that consume so called “imaginary power”.

QRPLed drivers have the following benefits:

  • Lower production costs by reduction of the bill of materials

  • Lower production costs by the elimination of complex materials

  • Longer lifetime and improved reliability by application of fewer components

  • Longer lifetime and improved reliability by elimination of vulnerable components

  • High versatility by higher lumen per volume

  • Higher energy efficiency by means of a powerfactor almost equal to 1


QRPLed drivers have therefore the best possible total cost of ownership.


Let’s take a closer look at the powerfactor. Inductors and Capacitors store and release energy with every fluctuation of electricity. This is refered to as “imaginary power”. The powerfactor is the relationship between imaginary power and real power: when there are no inductors or capacitors, the powerfactor equals 1.
Imaginary power does not contribute to the net labour (real power) result of the device. The currents associated to storage and release of energy influence the total effectiveness of the energy system: energy is lost during transport, larger wires and compensation equipment is required. At the scale of an individual lamp this may look like a small deal, energy companies look at it in a different scale and consider it a very serious issue. Ultimately, consumers will pay for the imaginary power their inductors and capacitors are using. QRPLed does not use inductors or capacitors, QRPLed delivers real power to LEDs.